#MondayMotivation. How to Make Mondays Oh So Much Better


Most people dread Mondays, but that’s just a bad habit. This is how to change the way you think and react to Mondays.

Ask just about anyone how they’re doing on a Monday and they’ll say, “Oh, you know, it’s Monday.” A slightly more optimistic person may put it this way, “Pretty good for a Monday.” Why doesn’t anyone claim Monday as the best day of the week–or at least feel more tolerant of them? Here’s why:

Mondays suck only because you think they do.

We condition our brains to drive our thoughts and beliefs based on our life experiences. Others can condition the way we think and somewhere along the line, somebody spread the belief that Mondays suck. You’ve heard people bash Mondays for most of your working life. You’ve told yourself there’s nothing good about the dreaded day and that it’s the hardest day of the week. In reality, time studies show that people are not more depressed on Mondays than they are on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. It’s that we hold Friday, the day we get to leave our work woes behind, in such high esteem that no other day can compare.

Change your mind about Mondays, they’ve never really done anything wrong to you. When you find yourself thinking negatively about the day, question your thought process. What’s really going on? Beyond being tired from the weekend or convincing yourself that you have nothing to look forward to for the next nine hours, Monday is just like any other day.

You caught up on your sleep.

Sleepy Sunday mornings are the best, but they wreak havoc on your circadian rhythms. According to scientists, paying off your “sleep debt” over the weekend totally throws off your body clock. By midweek, the fatigue begins to wane, so we stay up later, thus perpetuating the pattern of not enough sleep/too much sleep. When you add those late-night weekend outings your body becomes really confused.

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